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Reserve La Crescent, A dry oak-aged white from hand selected grapes displaying forward notes of apricot & sweet-cream butter followed by ripe pear, a chalk minerality and aged vanilla spice. $16.95

Blanc de Crescent, A dry white wine with a hint of apricot and clove. $14.95

Rock Valley White, An off dry white wine with exotic aromas of tropical pineapple. $11.95

Whitewater Rush, A semi-dry white with intense grape aromas. $11.95

Horizon Cuvée, A delicious semi-dry full framed white wine with distinct grapefruit citrus aromas followed by a lingering palate of fresh fruit. $10.95

Estate Blanc, An excellently balanced semi-sweet white wine luscious in peach and apple flavors. $10.95

Maiden Blush, A semi-dry blush wine with a strong strawberry aroma and subtle floral and citrus tones. $11.95

Estate Reserve, Medium bodied dry red, slightly spicy with a hint of oak. $16.95

Reserve Selections 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, A full bodied dry red wine, oak aged followed by 5 years of bottle conditioning yielding an excellent robust character of jammy fruit followed by leathery linger. $19.95

Release 6, A dry red, Firmly textured with aromas of fresh berry and oak. $16.95

Lady In Red, A semi-dry red wine with deep aromas of dark cherry and raspberry. Medium to full bodied with a moderate tannin level for an outstanding finish. $16.95

Richmond Rouge, Fresh Concord grapes! This semi-sweet wine is made from the freshest Concord grapes, bursting with flavor and antioxidants!! $10.95

Ruby Classico (PORT), Tantalizing, bold, and bursting with flavors of currant and toasted oak. $14.95

Ouro Classico (White PORT), Oak aged for 2 years creamy dried fruit and roasted nut aromas. $16.95

Ice Wine, Harvested in late winter below 10F, harvest, crushed and presses frozen to extract the most complex wine aromas of honey suckle, apricot rind, a hint of cascade hop all with a sweet silky mouth-feel. $46.95

Case (12 bottles) discount, 8% off

Pricing on all wines are subject to change without notice