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June Fire & Wine

June Fire & Wine

Our goal here at Staller Estate Winery is to create Exquisite Wines and Outstanding Memories.  This past Sunday we paired with Casual Joe’s, a restaurant in Whitewater, WI, to prepare a three course meal to pair with our wines! The meal consisted of:

Appetizer: Shuck and grill your own oyster with a harissa sauce.

Wine Pairing:  Blanc de Crescent, a dry white wine with hints of apricot and clove.

Entrée: Herb Wrapped Petite Shoulder Tender with Roasted Mushroom Mustard Sauce atop Grilled Parmesan and Balsamic Veggies with Garlic Grilled Mashed Potatoes.

Wine & Dine 101

Wine Pairing: Lady in Red Sangria, a blend of the Lady In Red, Richmond Rouge and Ruby Classico garnished with frozen fruit.

Release 5, a dry red wine with aromas of fresh berry and oak.

Dessert: Grilled Stone Fruit atop Pound Cake with Mascarpone and Honey Drizzle.

Wine & Dine 110

Wine Pairing: Maiden Blush Lemonade, a semi-dry wine with a strong strawberry aroma and subtle floral and citrus tones blended with lemonade garnished with raspberries and a lemon.

Wine & Dine 116

We have multiple dates for our Wine and Dines throughout the calendar year.  Check out our calendar of events for our future Wine and Dines!  Our next event is August 14th starting at noon!  Call now to reserve your spot and check out our website for the menu!

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